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NorthSeafood is committed to its partners and its products. To our customers and business associates, we are a reliable partner that provides an excellent range of frozen fish products. In addition to offering fish from the North Sea, we import fish from many other parts of the world. To ensure high-quality end products in partnership with our customers, we provide the expertise necessary to advise our customers on products and the production process. Based on this advice, they create high-quality fish products that never fail to delight end users. Healthy, tasty and convenient, our fish products comply with the highest production standards. NorthSeafood and our partners work “together for customer delight”.

The fish products we produce for major retailers and partners in the food-service industry are available in supermarkets in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Austria, and many other countries. NorthSeafood is dedicated to building long-term relationships, proving each day that we are a reliable, long-term partner.

We also maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers, the fishermen. Our close ties with our partners in this sector ensure that we can be stable partners in high-quality fish products.