For more than 30 years NorthSeafood has been a key player in deepfrozen fish concepts. We produce huge volumes of healthy and delicious fish products for our clients on a daily basis, in compliance with the strictest health and safety requirements. We strive to conduct our business sustainably and with particular focus on good  employment practices.  People, processes and  products have shaped the identity of NorthSeafood, and these three elements remain central to our organisation.

Product range

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Take a look at the dynamic company of Northseafood, which produces large volumes of deep frozen fish products on a daily basis.


From the North Sea to your plate, Northseafood is always actively working to bring quality and sustainability together during our daily jobs. We hope to show you some of that effort in our animation.

Product range

Pink salmon
Alaska pollock
Pangasius or basa
Alaska Plaice
Pleuronectes platessa
Solea solea
Limanda Limanda
Platichthys flesus
Psetta maxima
Oncorhynchus gorbuscha
Melanogrammus aeglefinus
Theragra chalcogramma
Thunnus albacares
Merlangius merlangus
Pangasius hypophthalmus
Lepidopsetta bilineata of polyxystra
Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus

NorthSeafood’s production facilities are equipped with plate freezers, a spiral freezer, line freezers and belt freezers. These installations offer a huge production capacity. This makes NorthSeafood capable of freezing your pre-fried, wet-pack and IQF products extremely quickly and preventing any loss of food quality. The speed at which it is frozen allows the product to retain its characteristic properties. By using environmentally friendly freezing methods, we fulfil our responsibility to pursue sustainable enterprise. NorthSeafood guarantees high-quality deep-frozen fish products that never fail to delight end users.

Packaging fish is one of NorthSeafood’s core activities, and over the years we have implemented a wide variety of techniques. Our assembly lines are equipped with advanced technologies, which means that we see our customers’ specific requirements as a challenge. NorthSeafood specialises in IQF and wet-pack retail packaging. We provide a diverse range of packaging options for both our retail partners and our food-service customers.

The packaging we provide includes:

  • Folding-cartons IQF retail packaging - 250, 300, 400 and 500 grams
  • Folding-cartons wet-pack retail packaging - 250, 300 and 400 grams
  • Plastic bags (family packs) - 250-1,000g
  • Vacuum and skin-pack individual packaging
  • Flow pack
  • Food-service packaging - 5-10 kilograms
  • Industrial packaging, up to 300 kilograms

Our production facility provides a wide range of options to create delicious, ready-to-eat and user-friendly fish products. Our product lines are flexible and provide tremendous potential; for example, we are able to meet our partners’ specific demands within short lead times and provide final products in large volumes. The entire production process is completed in our own locations, from the filleting of the freshly caught fish to the packaging of the ready-to-cook final product. This enables us to deliver consistent quality throughout the entire production process, while efficiency and speed ensure that our customers receive their products in time.

NorthSeafood uses some of the following processing methods for its products:

  • Pre-frying
  • Breading
  • Mugnaia (fish fillet covered with a layer of herb butter)
  • Addition of sauces
"Together for customer delight"


At NorthSeafood, innovation is visible in all our products. We listen to our customers' needs and translate them into practical and technical solutions. This solution-orientated and creative approach has made us the company we are today. NorthSeafood’s strength is to integrate people and technology in such a way that processes can be completed rapidly and effectively, resulting in healthy, tasty and safe fish products. NorthSeafood is aware of the principles of sustainable business. For this reason, the amount of sustainable fish that we use has increased significantly in recent years, and continues to increase.. However, that’s not where our commitment ends; we also implement innovative measures to reduce energy consumption and excessive waste production, because we are aware that we are both dependent on and responsible for our natural environment.

About us

People, processes and products have shaped the identity of NorthSeafood, and these three elements remain central to our organisation. By recruiting and training a team of dedicated employees, we ensure that our production processes are run smoothly, rapidly and flexibly. Our people are professional, highly skilled machine operators, and we work with them to develop our product lines so that they meet our partners’ specific requirements. Having full control of the process means we can guarantee consistent and efficient production, and the partnership has, for many years, allowed us to create healthy, tasty and safe fish products.